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EEG Neuromarketing Commercial Usability Retail

An annoying commercial. A slow website. A web shop package that is delivered one day later than expected. A nasty comment by the call center lady.

One by one, these are examples negative brand experiences a consumer can encounter. A bump in the customer journey. How detrimental are these for a brand? Some customer journey evangelists preach that each interaction moment should be unique, amazing, and unforgettable. Negative emotion would kill the customer journey. What does science have to say about the effect of negative experiences on the customer journey?

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eye tracking

Have you ever wondered why people have white parts in their eyes?

Probably not.

However, when you think about it: It’s weird. Humans are the only primates whose eyes are not fully dark. Even the anthropoid ape, which is very close to us in terms of evolution, does not have white parts. Why do our eyes deviate from the eyes of our fellow primates?

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