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EEG Neuromarketing Neuro

How do you measure whether your carefully crafted ad campaign ‘works’?

First, you need to define what ‘works’ means.

Traditionally, advertising research tended to focus on the message. Instead of measuring whether a campaign increases sales – which is hard – research shifted to intermediate effects such as brand awareness, message comprehension and reported feelings. Millward Brown’s Link is a well-known copy-testing framework that aims to capture many of these facets in one unified methodology.

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Someone who says that neuromarketing is the only golden standard in market research would be lying. Market research is so numerous in its issues, domains and consumers that it is impossible for one method to offer the answer to everything.

In this blog we therefore take a nuanced look at neuromarketing research. What is doing well? And what is not?

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EEG Neuromarketing Reclame Commercial

Then use EEG

Have you ever wondered if your marketing campaign would lead to the desired increase in sales and more positive brand attitudes?

Wondering about this is natural, if you look at the amount of surveys that are being held to measure the effectivity of an advertisement. However, many of these research methods cannot provide you with certainty about the advertisement’s effects. Why? Because we, people, are pretty bad at predicting our own (buying) behavior after watching an advertisement.

Which method is the best at predicting buying behavior, and gives you the most certainty? In this blog, we’ll put the most common methods to the rack. This way, you’ll know exactly which tools you should use to be even more certain of the effectivity of your media budget.

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Neuromarketing Usability Research

And when to just go with a survey?

When Neuromarketing Usability research was first born, many people thought the same thing: the end of traditional research is near. Enough with all the questionnaires. Cancel the focus groups and send the interviewers home. Because from now on we conduct research by looking inside the brain. After all, that’s where the real answers lie. Right?

Yes and no.

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