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Packaging Research using Neuromarketing

  • Predict success based on Unravel’s Three Steps to Purchase™ model
  • Measure subconscious attention, brand recognition, and purchase activation
  • Complete and proven packaging test with Eye Tracking, EEG and IAT


A purchase decision happens in half a second. We measure this half second. In this short span of time, the intuitive brain determines whether a product is worth purchasing. In doing so, it makes 3 lightning-fast decisions:

  1. Attention. The eye is drawn to the product
  2. Brand recognition. The brand is being recognized
  3. Purchase activation. Customer feels a desire to purchase

Every step is part of an automatic process. You cannot ask your customer about it. Do you want to measure the success potential of your new product or a refreshed packaging design? Neuromarketing research using Eye Tracking and EEG is the only combination of methods which can map the success per step in the decision making process with clear quantitative data.

New product on the market? Test it!

4 out of 5 products which are introduced each year will disappear from the shelves before the end of that same year. Just a few new products turn out to be successful. The key challenge therefore is to be able to assess the potential for success as early as possible.

Neuromarketing research provides clarity early on. You will gain insight into the success probability of the product introduction. And you can test several product variants in order to enter the market with the most promising approach.

Advice on Developing Brand Assets

A change in packaging is exciting. Will the fresh approach bring renewed attention? Or will it actually affect the success of the current packaging negatively?

By using eye tracking and EEG research to test different new variants compared against the current packaging, you will get a clear picture of the differences in performance of attention, brand recognition and purchase activation. This way you can ensure to be innovating in the right direction.

Tim Zuidgeest

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How it works

The Three Steps to Purchase™ model

Shelf stand out. Brand recognition. Purchase activation.

Three simple words. Three critical challenges. Every product and packaging design which makes it to the check-out owes this to its own ability to stand out, being able to activate the brand and excite. Unravel’s Neuro Packaging research is based on this Three Steps to Purchase model.

When you develop a new product or design, you want to know how it scores upon these three success dimensions. And rather today than tomorrow. Because the more insights you have in these success dimensions of your packaging today, the more impact you will have on the shelf tomorrow.

Traditional research methods are on the other hand too slow and rational to have a significant say in this. Neuromarketing research is the most accurate predictor of packaging success before the product reaches the store shelves.

Stap 1- Shelf standout

Measuring method: Eye tracking

Sales start with the battle for attention. Successful products automatically attract eyesight. Through Eye Tracking we measure the two crucial forms of attention

  • Free attention: the extent to which your product stands out when people look around freely
  • Targeted attention: the degree to which your products stands out when people are actively looking for it

Our Eye Tracking equipment measures 128 times per second where the customer’s eyes are focused. In this way, we can map out the attention value of your product at an extremely precise level.

Stap 2- Brand Recognition

Measuring method: IAT

For in-store purchases that are brand-driven, it is essential that the brand is recognizable at first glance. Only then the rich association network for this brand will be activated in the brain, allowing the product to benefit from the underlying brand value.

The Implicit Association Test (IAT) is an implicit measurement method developed at Harvard. IAT uses reaction time to reveal the power of unconscious associations in the brain. In packaging research, we use the IAT to quantify the extent to which the packaging automatically activates the brand in the brain.

Step 3- Purchase activation in the brain

Measuring method: EEG

Some products and packaging directly trigger people to buy the product. The brain experiences in such an occasion a short but strong desire to obtain the product.

Only the EEG method can quantitatively measure this desire process. This method comfortably measures what is going on in the respondent’s brain at 256 times per second. Is the brain attracted or repelled during the first sight of the product? Compared to other neuro-research methods, only EEG has the speed to answer that question.

Tim Zuidgeest

Or discuss the possibilities with Tim, our Lead Consultant
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Timeline of a project

Unravel carries out the neuromarketing packaging research according to a proven approach so that you benefit from a fast timeline. This enables us to offer unparalleled project lead times of 10 working days.
  • Day 1-4: Kick-off & preparation

    In the first week, the stimuli and target group criteria will be determined in accordance with the client. On basis on these criteria a test panel will be recruited and the research will be prepared.
  • Day 5-7: Field work

    During the days of field work, respondents will visit the Unravel Living room lab. Here they will interact with the different types of packaging in a stand-alone presentation and shelf context. During this process, eye tracking patterns and brain activity will be measured in a comfortable way.
  • Day 8-10: Data-analysis en report writing

    For each of the steps in the Three Steps to Purchase model we analyze the raw data to arrive at directly interpretable KPI’s for each packaging design:

    • Attention (free and navigated)
    • Brand fit
    • Purchase activation in the brain

    The holistic approach of this research provides you with a glimpse into the future performance of each packaging design. So you can move forward with confidence.
Tim Zuidgeest

Or discuss the possibilities with Tim, our Lead Consultant
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Example of output

Here you can find an example of a Neuro Packaging Research using Eye tracking, IAT and EEG.

Curious what a complete report looks like? As the reports for our clients are confidential we made an example report.

You can download it below:

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Or discuss the possibilities with Tim, our Lead Consultant
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> 120

Different types of packaging tested


Days of lead time


Tim Zuidgeest

Or discuss the possibilities with Tim, our Lead Consultant
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Placement of the EEG

Packaging Research in Unravel's Living Room Lab

EEG & Eye Tracking Glasses

Frequently asked questions

Can a concept product also be tested?
Product concepts can also be tested with neuro. Though, it is crucial to present the product concepts in a clear and consistent manner. We test different product concepts, each with the same inputs (think about text, concept drawing, animation with explanation, etc.). Neuro-data will indicate which variant appeals most to the customer.
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