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Neuromarketing Entertainment Research

  • Predict and optimize the success of movies, TV and music

  • Discover concrete optimization possibilities

  • Equipped with Eye Tracking and EEG


As an entertainment provider, how do you ensure that your content remains relevant? How do you maximize the viewer's or listener's attention? How do you remove the uncertainty that comes with a release?

Those are all questions that race through your head with every new production โ€“ and to which neuromarketing research provides clear answers using EEG and Eye Tracking.

Reduce the uncertainty that comes with a release

The release of a trailer, movie, TV pilot or music album is an exciting moment. Its production takes a lot of time and of course, you want to at least earn back the investments that it took.

Yet there is often a lot of uncertainty attached to this moment and it remains with hoping and speculating; you hope the audience is as excited as you are. The good news: the brain already reveals a lot of information about this in advance.

Predict and increase success

You can do a number of things to gain insight into the success of your production in advance. Traditionally, you might ask what someone thinks of your production through questionnaires or focus groups. However, entertainment is pre-eminently something we unconsciously process on autopilot. Traditional methods make the consumer look at the content with an excessively rational view.

The experience of film, music and TV is therefore largely unconscious and subtle. Neuromarketing research is the first method that makes it possible to measure the actual success potential of your production. This way it can predict and increase its impact. This correlation is considerably stronger than traditionally requested research.

  • Neuro predicts cinema hits based on brain activity in movie trailers
  • Neuro predicts music hits based on brain activity from audio clips
  • Neuro predicts ratings based on brain activity throughout the program
Tim Zuidgeest

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"By means of the Eye-tracking and EEG scanner, we get a unique insight into the behavior of our visitor. Unravel's research yielded various optimizations that make it even easier for our visitors to buy tickets online."
Stef de Reeder - Online Performance Marketeer Pathรฉ

How it works

The brain processes a trailer, TV program or music very fast and this happens largely unconsciously. Many of our reactions never reach our consciousness, at the same time, they do influence our behavior. Neuromarketing research measures these (unconscious) reactions by taking a look at the place where all that content is processed: the brain.

In a Neuro focus group, respondents only have to take a seat in Unravel's living room lab and consume the film, series or music. Just like they do at home. They don't have to answer conscious questions; their brain activity tells us everything we need to know.

Neuromarketing is broadly validated in the entertainment industry

The application of neuromarketing research within the entertainment industry is becoming increasingly popular. That is not surprising when you consider the predictive value of brain data for the success of a production. For example, previous research has shown that classical questioning does give an idea of individual preferences and behaviour, but it is not predictive for the entire population. EEG data, on the other hand, appears to be predictive for the entire public (Boksem, 2014). We also saw this effect in our own music study, where we were able to predict 62% of the number of streams on Spotify using brain data.

Measure which version or song has the most hit potential

With neuromarketing research, you can test individual songs, pilots or trailers, but you can also compare multiple productions. That way you can, for example, find outwhich song in an album has the most hit potential; this gives a good indication of which song can best be released as a single. The prediction of viewing figures for films and series helps you allocate your marketing budget as best as possible. It also helps you identify the most impactful version of a trailer for increasing the success of a movie.

Get insight into what works - and what doesn't

What exactly makes your production successful? The neuro data shows to the millisecond which elements attract the viewer's attention. This way, neuromarketing is used to obtain concrete points for improvement that will optimize your production.

Tim Zuidgeest

Or discuss the possibilities with Tim, our Lead Consultant
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Timeline of Entertainment Research

  • Day 1-3: Kick-off & Fieldwork

    In the first week, the scope of the project is determined in consultation with the customer. The fieldwork then takes place over three days. During these days, 30 respondents will be tested. You can have the neuromarketing entertainment test performed stand-alone (with a specific target group and multiple expressions) or examine different expressions or productions side by side.

  • Day 4-5: Data Analysis and report writing

    The challenge is to aggregate data at a group level from individual brain data. To this end, the raw brain data is first decontaminated and then converted into individually normalized metrics on attention, effort and desire. The result of this complex analysis is surprisingly simple: a clear graph in which you see the performance on the most important Neuro KPIs per moment in production.

Tim Zuidgeest

Or discuss the possibilities with Tim, our Lead Consultant
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Output Example

Below you will find example output of a neuromarketing entertainment study.

Tim Zuidgeest

Or discuss the possibilities with Tim, our Lead Consultant
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