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Neuro Point-of-Sale (POS) Test

  • Increase the attention for - and impact of - your POS communications

  • Equipped with Eye Tracking and (optional) EEG

  • Discover concrete points for improvement


Point-of-sale materials are typically used to promote in-store sales by bringing products to the attention of shoppers. POS materials such as top cards, posters, wobblers, banners, floor stickers or displays can be very effective as the majority of shoppers' purchasing decisions are made in-store. At the same time, it is often difficult to grab the attention of shoppers, because they are often very task-oriented with products.

It is essential that your POS material grabs attention and encourages a purchase. You can not ask this consciously, as shoppers make the majority of their choices unconsciously. However, neuromarketing research with Eye Tracking and EEG makes it possible to measure the attention that your POS material grabs.

Unravel's Neuro Point-of-Sale Test helps you test your POS material against the success metrics that matter, such as attention and purchase activation in the brain. This way, you can know in advance which layout will grab the most attention and increase sales.

Gain insight into (unconscious) viewing behavior

Neuro POS research gives you insight into the amount of attention that your POS expression attracts. Utilizing Eye Tracking we measure exactly where the shopper looks, for how long and in what order. In combination with EEG, brain metrics such as purchase activation and workload can also be measured. That way we can predict the success of your POS communications.

Test multiple expressions and learn what works

In a typical POS study, we test 10-15 different expressions. This way, we can determine which variables in the field of message, design and execution are the most successful. POS material can be examined digitally through screen presentation, or in Unravel's Virtual Reality supermarket environment.

Unlike traditional research, neuromarketing techniques allow you to measure the unconscious response. That is precisely what makes this form of research groundbreaking since the majority of in-store choices are made completely unconsciously.

Discover concrete points for improvement

Whether you test one POS statement individually or multiple statements side by side; POS research yields concrete points for improvement. It gives you insight into whether POS expressions are seen when they are seen during the shopping trip and which elements stand out within the expressions. These insights help you fine-tune future POS campaigns for a more successful outcome.

Tim Zuidgeest

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"We have already done several studies with Unravel. All studies went quickly and smoothly. After each study, we received a short, concise report with recommendations that could be used in practice immediately."
Chantal Smit - Kalverda - GAMMA

How it works

Neuromarketing research into POS materials directly measures how the shopper processes an expression. Using Eye Tracking, we measure the attentional value of the overall expression, as well as the different parts within the expression (such as headline, copy, visual, etc). EEG also measures cognitive workload and purchase activation in the brain.

Compare POS statements on screen or in Virtual Reality Supermarket

It is possible to test multiple expressions side by side in a Neuro POS test, by using a 2D POS presentation on screen, or in a completely 3D developed retail environment in Unravel's Virtual Reality Supermarket. By comparing POS expressions you gain a complete picture of which techniques work within POS expressions and which do not.

Impact measurement of your campaign: Measure attention in the store

In addition to testing various POS displays in our lab, it is also possible to measure their impact on the physical location itself. We use eye tracking to measure the stopping power of your materials in the store. This research takes place with regular customers, to measure the impact as accurately as possible. If your POS can be found in multiple locations in the store, the data reveals exactly under which circumstances it stands out best.

Tim Zuidgeest

Or discuss the possibilities with Tim, our Lead Consultant
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Timeline of the Neuro POS Test

Unravel Research follows a proven approach so that you can count on reliable results and a fast timeline. This enables us to offer unparalleled project lead times of 10 working days.

  • Day 1-2: Kick-off & preparation

    In the first week, the scope of the project is determined in consultation with the customer. Which parts of the shopping trip do we want to map out, and which purchase order fits in optimally with this? Unravel takes an active advisory role in this because a well-thought-out purchase order is crucial to be able to measure the realistic shopping experience.

  • Day 3-5: Fieldwork

    During the fieldwork days, 20-30 respondents visit the living room lab in Utrecht. Here they are fitted with the Eye Tracker and EEG, after which they are allowed to make free and targeted choices for each shelf variant.

  • Day 6-10: Data analysis and report writing

    We calculate the neuro performance metrics (view time, view rate, workload and purchase activation) for each POS message, subdivided into free and targeted searches. The result? A clear report which offers concrete points for improvement.

Tim Zuidgeest

Or discuss the possibilities with Tim, our Lead Consultant
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Output Example

Below you will find an example of the output of a Neuro POS Test. On the one hand, the output provides qualitative insights into the POS statement and possible improvements that could be made (left) and, on the other hand, quantitative data are broken down per element within the POS statement.

Tim Zuidgeest

Or discuss the possibilities with Tim, our Lead Consultant
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