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Neuro Usability Testing

  • Discover unconscious bumps on the road to conversion

  • Combine Eye Tracking with EEG for a comprehensive view of the UX

  • Lead time of 10 days


The user experience of a site or app has a lot of influence on the choice between checking out the shopping cart and leaving your site silently. However, the user has limited awareness of the actual extent of this influence.

People simply can't look into their own subconscious minds to see what really lies behind their choices. The traditional questioning of experiences will therefore only provide a limited picture of the actual user experience.

Neuro usability research, on the other hand, does provide a total picture of the user experience. This by measuring where the experience actually takes place: in the customer's brain.

Neuromarketing research with Eye Tracking and EEG allows us to record to the millisecond what is happening in the minds of visitors as they interact with your site. More than any other method, this brain data appears to be highly predictive of your user's actual preferences and choices. The result is actionable insights that can give your site's conversion rate a huge boost.

Smooth out the bumps on the road to conversion

Confusion and frustration will obstruct conversion. Our Neuromarketing Usability research makes all the hurdles on the path to conversion visible. Brain data provides a clear picture of which content causes confusion and frustration – and which content puts a smile on the face of your visitors. Eye tracking reveals what information is seen, sought or overlooked.

Boost conversion

Our findings result in a conversion optimization report. It outlines in a practical and clear way which changes will boost the online usability – and thus the conversion – of your website or app.

We ensure that the visitor can move more smoothly through the content, and thus increase the overall persuasiveness and shopability of your site.

Tim Zuidgeest

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“The research gave us other – and therefore very valuable – insights that we have not been able to discover through 'traditional' research. This allowed us to look at our issue in a different way and we were able to optimize more efficiently.”

Market & Consumer Research Manager - Albelli

How it works

Neuromarketing reveals the (unconscious) experiences of your website users. This provides answers to questions such as:

  • How do the different web pages perform on confusion, workload and desire?
  • Which elements on the website are viewed and which are not?
  • What are the strengths of the website and what optimization opportunities does the data reveal?

Measure the conscious and unconscious UX

A typical neuro usability study brings together the best of both worlds: a neuro component and a survey component.

Neuro. First of all, we let the user get started in the flow undisturbed. This guarantees the most realistic interaction possible. Eye Tracking and EEG detect the unconscious bumps to conversion and also highlight the strong elements of a website. These methods reveal many subtle usability issues.

Survey. After the interaction, we discuss this in an interview. This interview serves to gain more in-depth knowledge of the insights found from the neurodata. In this way we can purposefully answer the why question. In this way we sketch a total picture of the user experience of visitors.

Combine Eye Tracking with EEG

By means of Eye Tracking we gain insight into what is seen and what is not. In this way we can discover whether elements are in the right place and whether they attract sufficient attention. By combining Eye Tracking with EEG, we can also gain insight into what a visitor feels when he or she looks at certain elements. The main Neuro KPIs for neuro usability testing are:

  • Workload: Is the website easy to process?
  • Frustration: Is the customer journey running smoothly or is there frustration?
  • Attention & relevance: Is the content experienced as relevant?
  • Desire: Does the website encourage you to buy?
Tim Zuidgeest

Or discuss the possibilities with Tim, our Lead Consultant
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Timeline of a Usability Project

In Neuro Usability Research, Unravel Research follows a proven approach so that you can count on reliable results and a fast timeline. This enables us to offer unparalleled project lead times of 7 working days.

  • Day 1-2: Kick-off & Preparation

    In the first week, it is determined in consultation with the client which flows will be tested and whether a search should be made. A test panel is then recruited and the respondent instruction prepared.

  • Day 3-4 Fieldwork

    The fieldwork takes place over three days, during which we test between 6-10 respondents per flow/device. The respondents will interact with the website in a natural setting. It is also possible to have the respondents carry out a specific assignment on your site, depending on the research question.

  • Day 5-10: Data analysis & Report

    Because each user experience stands on its own and must be analyzed on an individual level, data analysis is a labor-intensive affair. We process the data into practical insights about visitor behavior and experience, as well as quantitative performance metrics per moment in the customer journey.

Tim Zuidgeest

Or discuss the possibilities with Tim, our Lead Consultant
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Output example

Below you will find an example output of a neuro usability study. 
Tim Zuidgeest

Or discuss the possibilities with Tim, our Lead Consultant
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