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Eye Tracking in Neuromarketing Research

Eye Tracking is the foundational tool for nearly any study in neuromarketing research. It deciphers where people look at, for how long and in what order. As such, Eye Tracking technology lifts the fog of attention. You can now know whether, and how, people will attend to your marketing efforts.
Eye Tracking is used to assess the pulling power of advertisements, product packaging and (online) stores. Combined with neural imaging techniques such as EEG, Eye Tracking can be used to measure the emotional responses evoked by specific message elements.

How does Eye Tracking work?

Eye Tracking technology uses sensors that locate features of the eyes. It calculates where people look at with millimeter accuracy. The technology used by Unravel Research employs infrared illumination and advanced mathematical models to keep track of the visual center of attention.

Unravel Research uses advanced infrared tracking bars, allowing us to capture the purest consumer response. Uncomfortable heavy Eye Tracking headsets belong to the past.

Our Eye Tracking output consists of replayable gaze videos and aggregate heatmaps. In addition, we can define relevant areas of interest that have specific relevance for your marketing purposes. We then calculate Eye Tracking metrics for each area. These metrics include:
  • Time to first fixation (TTFF):
    indicative of automatic attentional grabbing power; effortless attention.
  • First fixation duration (FFD):
    indicative of stopping power, a measure of interest.
  • Total fixation duration (TFD):
    indicative of effortful and motivated attention.
  • Eyeball Count (EC):
    the number of participants that saw the area. Indicative of a universal versus personal appeal.
  • Fixation Count (FC):
    the number of times a participant revisited the area of interest. Appealing content is revisited more often.
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Eye Tracking in neuromarketing research

In marketing research, we often want to know which elements of your ad, packaging or website capture and hold attention best. Eye Tracking provides a highly accurate and efficient way of doing that.
In neuromarketing research, Eye Tracking can both be used as a stand-alone measure of attention, as well as in conjunction with EEG and/or Emotion Recognition. By combining these technologies, we are able to not only measure where people look, but also the specific human drives and feelings evoked by each specific message element.

Solutions Overview

Unravel Research applies neuromarketing in three fundamental branches of marketing: advertising, product packaging and online usability.

For each area, our experience guides in asking the right questions. Only then do we uncover actionable insights that truly help you make better marketing decisions.

Advertising Research

Does your ad seduce the subconscious brain?

Our Advertising Research establishes your ad’s persuasive power and specific strengths and weaknesses.

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Packaging Research

Does your product win the battle on the shelf?

Our Packaging Research explores your packaging’s pulling power and brand recognizability.

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Usability Research

How can your website convert more visitors into customers?

Our Web Usability (UX) Research looks into the brain to find all bumps on the path to online conversion.

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Technology Overview

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. We combine state-of-the-art technologies to find clear and reliable answers to your questions.


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