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Neuromarketing Solutions

The power of neuromarketing research is that it measures the actual experience of the consumer. At the same time, brain scans are not capable of providing answers for every marketing issue.

Neuro shows its strength in marketing issues where you want to know how consumers experience something and predict the impact on buying behavior. The application focuses on communication (advertising and propositions), retail (shopping experience, packaging and pricing), usability (sites, apps and products) and branding (brand tracking, brand assets).


Predict and increase the impact of your commercials and product propositions.

Retail & Shopper

Usability Research

Get insights into (subconscious) obstacles to conversion in the entire customer journey.


How strong is your brand? The brain makes brand growth measurable and steerable.


Learn about Neuromarketing from Unravel’s founders. Our academy provides online courses on subjects ranging from retail to branding.

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