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Implicit Association Test (IAT) in Neuromarketing Research

What does you brand look like in the brain?

Our mind is made up of a rich network of associations. Brands are nothing more than associative networks, connecting a brand to qualities as diverse as friendship, the color red and America (yes we’re talking about Budweiser here). Problem: associations linger outside conscious awareness. People can’t access them. The Implicit Association Test (IAT) is the golden standard in measuring subconscious associations.

How does the Implicit Association Test (IAT) work?

The IAT was developed at Harvard University as a reliable noninvasive method to quantify the strength of mental associations. The IAT can be used to explore your brand’s most distinctive assets, as well as predicting the effectiveness of advertising and packaging in building those brand assets.

IAT is based on a profound law from cognitive science: when two ideas are strongly associated, the brain processes them quicker. IAT builds upon this principle by asking people to sort words and/or images related to the brand and the associations of interest. Their reaction times allow us to calculate how strongly thoughts and concepts are linked in the mind.

Because IAT merely requires participants to complete a 5-minute computer task, it’s an incredibly efficient and affordable method to measure brand associations.
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Implicit Association Test (IAT) in neuromarketing research

In marketing research, IAT is often used to illuminate how customers think about a brand or its competitors. It helps you to define and quantify the assets that make the brand stand apart in the minds of consumers. Such assets include logo, colors, shapes, images, spokespersons, brand name and slogan.
IAT is also a powerful tool when deciding which packaging to put on the shelves or which commercial to air. Because IAT is able to quantify beforehand whether a new word, logo or design fits the brand in the customer’s mind.

Solutions Overview

Unravel Research applies neuromarketing in three fundamental branches of marketing: advertising, product packaging and online usability.

For each area, our experience guides in asking the right questions. Only then do we uncover actionable insights that truly help you make better marketing decisions.

Advertising Research

Does your ad seduce the subconscious brain?

Our Advertising Research establishes your ad’s persuasive power and specific strengths and weaknesses.

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Packaging Research

Does your product win the battle on the shelf?

Our Packaging Research explores your packaging’s pulling power and brand recognizability.

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Usability Research

How can your website convert more visitors into customers?

Our Web Usability (UX) Research looks into the brain to find all bumps on the path to online conversion.

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Technology Overview

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. We combine state-of-the-art technologies to find clear and reliable answers to your questions.


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