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Biometrics in Neuromarketing Research

Did you know that when marketing strikes an emotional chord, it literally makes pupils dilate and hearts pound faster?

Biometrics encompass all tools that track people’s physical reaction to marketing stimuli, such as pupil size, heart rate, galvanic skin response (GSR) and posture.

Which Biometrics are relevant to neuromarketing?

Unravel Research uses medical grade devices to measure biological responses to marketing stimuli. Biometrics specifically capture the involuntary activity that are indicative of involvement, arousal or action tendencies.
  • Pupil Size
    Pupil size is recorded as secondary data during Eye Tracking. Since the Eye Tracking equipment needs to adjust to pupil size in order to deliver accurate results, we choose to capture this valuable biological activity in a separate data stream. Dilating pupils may indicate increased cognitive thinking (system 2 processing) or high emotional arousal.
  • Heart Rate
    Similarly of pupil size, heart rate indicates the amount of arousal evoked by a piece of marketing communication.
  • Galvanic Skin Response (GSR)
    A GSR device measures subtle shifts in skin transpiration. The skin conductance technology measures the electrical conductivity between two fingers. GSR indicates the amount of emotional arousal (positive and negative). While EEG and emotion recognition tell us what people experience, GSR deepens our understanding by adding how intense these experiences are.
  • Posture
    Posture is recorded separately during Eye Tracking. This allows us to keep track of one’s postural changes from moment to moment. People tend to subconsciously lean forward when interested and lean backward when bored.
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How it works

A Powerful Addition

While biometrics don’t say much as a stand-alone measure, they are very helpful when interpreting findings from primary neuromarketing methods such as Eye Tracking, EEG (brain activity) and emotion recognition. While tools such as these tell us what people experience, biometrics further clarify how strong these experiences truly are. In other words: a smile indicates an ad is funny. Biometrics indicate how funny it is.

We often recommend including pupil size, heart rate, GSR and posture as secondary measures when studying consumer responses. They help telling a more comprehensive story of what happens when people interact with your ad, packaging or website.

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