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Behavioral Metrics in Neuromarketing Research

The best predictor of behavior… is behavior.

Marketers often want to know which ad or packaging out of a subset of alternatives will perform best in the market. Behavioral metrics are a powerful way to pretest which alternative will become the marketplace winner.

In marketing, the real world is an ideal laboratory.

Observational methods

Behavioral metrics aim to predict the ultimate desired behavior (e.g., buying a product) by measuring some form of related small behavior (e.g., degree of interest in the product’s packaging during a small-scale shopper interaction study).

Behavioral experiments often include multiple experimental groups, comparing different alternatives of your advertising or packaging.

Behavior can be captured in many ways, often even without the consumer realizing being part of an experiment. As such, the measures of interest are highly diverse and can be obtained both in a lab, online and the real world:
  • Online A/B Tests (conversion)
  • Online click-trough (CTR)
  • Observed interaction (in time, or specific actions of interest such as touch)
  • Attentional focus
  • Verbal responses
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Using behavioral experiments in neuromarketing

Behavioral experiments are a powerful way to predict marketplace success without guessing.
For instance, a brand researching which slogan to select from a subset of alternatives could pretest each slogan’s impact in a low-key field experiment through social media advertising. It would craft an ad for each slogan, and derive their respective pulling power from each ad’s interaction or click-through rates.

Unravel Research designs powerful experiments that test your marketing on a behavioral level.

Solutions Overview

Unravel Research applies neuromarketing in three fundamental branches of marketing: advertising, product packaging and online usability.

For each area, our experience guides in asking the right questions. Only then do we uncover actionable insights that truly help you make better marketing decisions.

Advertising Research

Does your ad seduce the subconscious brain?

Our Advertising Research establishes your ad’s persuasive power and specific strengths and weaknesses.

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Packaging Research

Does your product win the battle on the shelf?

Our Packaging Research explores your packaging’s pulling power and brand recognizability.

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Usability Research

How can your website convert more visitors into customers?

Our Web Usability (UX) Research looks into the brain to find all bumps on the path to online conversion.

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Technology Overview

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. We combine state-of-the-art technologies to find clear and reliable answers to your questions.


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