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Test Voice-Over or Spokesperson

  • Measure which voice-over or spokesperson is most effective for your brand

  • Gain insight into the performance of attention and emotion in the brain for each candidate (measured wth EEG)

  • 10 days lead time


When choosing a voice-over or spokesperson, you enter into a long-term relationship as a brand. Every (potential) customer will link the voice or person to your brand. Obviously, you want the perfect candidate.

You do not have to rely on gut feeling or questionable scores from a questionnaire. Neuromarketing research into voice-overs and spokespersons is the first form of research that measures directly in the brain how a voice and person are actually experienced.

Select the perfect voice over

Every voice immediately triggers an instinctive and emotional response in our brain. With some voices we immediately prick up our ears, with others we doze off. Some voices are easy on the ear, others... a little less.

That first instinctive reaction is crucial to the success of a voice-over or spokesperson. Disadvantage: this reaction is fleeting, emotional and therefore largely unconscious. The nuance of why one voice actor is a better candidate than another can therefore not be captured with traditional questionnaires and interviews.

Neuromarketing research with EEG allows you to determine exactly what is happening in the brain in that short period of time. EEG measures the degree of attention and positive (or negative) emotion in the brain. The brain data tells you exactly which voice candidate grabs the highest degree of attention and is pleasant to the ear.

Select the perfect spokesperson

Unlike a voice-over, a spokesperson will appear visibly in your campaigns. It is not only important that this person grabs attention and generates positive emotion, but also that he or she is a good fit with your brand. A good brand fit is especially important when it comes to a celebrity.

Unravel's spokesperson test measures the extent to which each candidate attracts attention and the emotion that accompanies it. Besides, we expand this with an IAT association test. This test measures the extent to which the candidate unconsciously connects to your brand or category.

This is how you separate the wheat from the chaff for the most suitable candidates.

Tim Zuidgeest

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"The neuro research was super valuable to us. With our new campaign we have consciously opted for neuro research. That way we don't get socially desirable answers, but real insights.โ€

Ingrid de Jong - Brand Manager Pearle

How it works

Our neuromarketing studies on voice-overs and spokespersons take place in Unravel's living room lab in Utrecht. Here, 20 respondents listen to the different candidates you are considering for your brand. The candidates are presented in random order through audio clips, and in the case of spokespersons, the candidate is also visible.

The success metrics for voice-overs and spokespersons

The two success drivers of every voice-over and spokesperson are:

  • The extent to which they grab (and hold!) attention
  • The emotion that the voice and/or person arouses

These two factors come together in Unravel's Person Perception Grid. Each candidate is placed in one of four quadrants: top candidate, court jester, chiller, no-go.

Challenge: How we isolate the impact of the voice

A major challenge in research on voice actors and spokespersons is that we only want to measure the effect of the voice, not the content of their story. However, it is impossible to measure a voice without making it say something.

To properly curb this challenge, Unravel follows a solid research protocol where the voiceover is scrambled over several short clips. In this way the content disappears and we only measure the attention and processing of the voice (and the person) itself.

Tim Zuidgeest

Or discuss the possibilities with Tim, our Lead Consultant
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Timeline of neuro research

In neuromarketing research on voice-overs or spokespersons, Unravel Research follows a proven approach so that you can count on reliable results and a fast timeline. This enables us to offer unparalleled project lead times of 10 working days.

  • Day 1-2: Kick-off & preparation

    In the first days, it is determined in consultation with the client which voice-overs or spokespersons should be tested. The client supplies sound fragments of voice-overs.

  • Dag 3-5: Fieldwork

    During the fieldwork days, 20 respondents visit the living room lab in Utrecht. Here they get the EEG measured, after which they listen to the candidates in random order. In the case of spokespersons, the candidate will also be visually visible while the respondent is listening to the voice.

  • Day 6-10: Data analysis and reporting

    We calculate the average score on Desire and Engagement for each candidate. We process this into the Person Perception Grid, in which you can see the performance of each candidate at a glance.

Tim Zuidgeest

Or discuss the possibilities with Tim, our Lead Consultant
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Output example

Below, you'll find an output example ofย a spokesperson test.ย 

Tim Zuidgeest

Or discuss the possibilities with Tim, our Lead Consultant
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Average number of voice-over candidates per study


days lead time


years of experience


Can this test be used for both famous and non-famous candidates?

Yes, neuro-research on voiceovers and spokespersons is suitable for all voters regardless of their level of fame. In the case of celebrities, existing associations about that person will of course influence the attention and emotion scores in the brain (as measured by EEG). This is the holistic processing as it will also take place in reality.

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