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Emotion Recognition in Neuromarketing Research

The human face reflects our emotional inner world. In fact, our faces are rarely ever blank. They continuously put our emotions on display, albeit through subtle muscular contractions.

Unravel Research’ Emotion Recognition tool employs facial encoding technology to quantify people’s affective responses from moment to moment.

How does face reading technology work?

An advanced high-definition 1080p camera records movements and subtle shifts in facial expressions. Our state-of-the-art face reading software (Affectiva®) transcodes the video data in real-time emotional statistics.

Our face reading technology captures all key facial areas and movements involved in emotion: Smile, Brow Furrow, Brow Raise, Lip Corner Depressor (Frown), Inner Brow Raise, Eye Closure, Nose Wrinkle, Upper Lip Raise, Lip Suck, Lip Pucker, Lip Press, Mouth Open, Lip Corner Depressor, Chin Raise, Smirk.

These movements reveal the seven basic human emotions: Joy, Anger, Surprise, Fear, Contempt, Sadness and Disgust.
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Emotion Recognition research in neuromarketing

Many marketing endeavors aim to evoke positive emotions and avoid negative ones. While people have a hard time verbalizing their more subtle emotional reactions, Emotion Recognition research captures these reactions regardless. It’s an insightful method in the neuromarketing toolbox.
Emotion Recognition can be used standalone or as a secondary measure to other technologies. For instance, it provides a powerful combination with EEG (brain activity), capturing both the inner and outer emotional experience.

We mostly confine standalone emotion recognition to advertising research. Out of all marketing channels, advertising is the one most capable of enacting a strong facial response. Because packaging and online usability generally exert a more subtle influence, a combination with EEG is recommended.

Solutions Overview

Unravel Research applies neuromarketing in three fundamental branches of marketing: advertising, product packaging and online usability.

For each area, our experience guides in asking the right questions. Only then do we uncover actionable insights that truly help you make better marketing decisions.

Advertising Research

Does your ad seduce the subconscious brain?

Our Advertising Research establishes your ad’s persuasive power and specific strengths and weaknesses.

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Packaging Research

Does your product win the battle on the shelf?

Our Packaging Research explores your packaging’s pulling power and brand recognizability.

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Usability Research

How can your website convert more visitors into customers?

Our Web Usability (UX) Research looks into the brain to find all bumps on the path to online conversion.

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Technology Overview

The whole is more than the sum of its parts. We combine state-of-the-art technologies to find clear and reliable answers to your questions.


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