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Brand Image

  • Measures unconscious and intuitive brand associations

  • Perfect for Brand Tracking over time

  • Based on Scientific Implicit Association Test (IAT)


Neuromarketing brand image research measures what people really feel about your brand.

Your brand is a network of associations in your customer’s brain.

Neuromarketing research based on the Implicit Association Test (IAT) makes it possible for the first time to objectively measure these associations. This gives you quantitative insight into the image of your brand.

The method is a breakthrough in brand research, because brand image cannot simply be consciously questioned by means of a questionnaire. That is, because of the fact that brand associations are largely automatic and rapidly activated in our brains, we are only slightly aware of them. A classic questionnaire would therefore yield wrong answers, as it only tapt into the rational mindset of the brain, instead of the more intuitive mindset in which branding mostly plays its role.

Measure your actual (brand)image in the brain

Our method is able to measure any predetermined brand association, as long as it can be expressed in word or image. Depending on the research question, we can measure various aspects of brand image:

  • Relevant motivations and moments of use
  • Activated emotions
  • Brand personality
  • Brand positioning
  • Values
  • Fit with target group identity

Brand image over time: Brand Tracking

Of course, it is possible to measure brand image repeatedly. This gives you insight into the extent to which the associations develop, for example as a result of a campaign.

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How it works

What fires together, wires together

The more strongly two associations are connected in our brain (e.g. 'Coca Cola' and 'Happiness'), the faster we can process them simultaneously. This is due to the simple principle 'What fires together, wires together': neurons that fire together repeatedly become connected.

The IAT is a proven method to quantify association strength based on reaction speed, in which this principle of mental processing speed forms the core of the method.

The Implicit Association Test (IAT)

The at Harvard developed Implicit Association Test (IAT) is a method which can reliably and validly measure an unconscious association. The method measures the association between two concepts (for example, 'Coca Cola' and 'Happiness') by the speed at which the brain can process both concepts simultaneously. The more strongly something is associated in the brain, the faster we can process these things simultaneously. The IAT measures this processing speed.

The IAT contains a standardized set of simple categorization tasks. The respondent is shown different words and/or images one by one. Each stimulus must be categorized by pressing a button. The categorization rules change per round, so that their influence on reaction speed can be measured.

Learn more about the methodology behind the Implicit Association Test here.

Clear results

We process the IAT response time data into clear total scores per association. An association score can range from -100 (very negative association) to 0 (neutral) to +100 (very positive association). The scores on the target associations are plotted in a radar graph, so that you can see at a glance how your brand is doing. It is of course also possible to conduct the research on competing brands too.

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Or discuss the possibilities with Tim, our Lead Consultant
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Project Timeline

Unravel conducts neuro brand image research using a proven approach so that you benefit from a fast timeline. This enables us to offer unparalleled project lead times of 10 working days.

  • Day 1-4: Kick-off & preparation

    In the first week, the associations and target group criteria to be measured are determined in consultation with the client. Unravel advises on the most meaningful associations for each image issue.

  • Day 5-7: Fieldwork

    During the fieldwork days, the respondents complete the IAT online. It is possible to include the IAT in a larger survey of other brand-related variables.

  • Day 8-10: Data analysis and reporting

    Day 8-10: Data analysis and reporting The raw response time data is cleaned, individually normalized and then transformed into brand image performance scores. Unravel plays an active role in the interpretation of scores: what are the implications for marketing?

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Or discuss the possibilities with Tim, our Lead Consultant
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"The neuro research was super valuable to us. With our new campaign we have consciously opted for neuro research. That way we don't get socially desirable answers, but real insights."
Ingrid de Jong - Brand Manager Pearle

Output example

Below you will find output examples of Brand Image Research based on the Implicit Association Test (IAT).

Curious what a complete report looks like? As the reports for our clients are confidential we made an example report.

You can download it below:

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Or discuss the possibilities with Tim, our Lead Consultant
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Frequently Asked Questions

How many associations can we measure with neuro brand image research?

The Implicit Association Test (IAT) approach requires 4 minutes per measured association. So for this method it makes sense to keep the number of associations small with a focus on the most essential associations.

For more explorative image studies with larger numbers of associations, we have a variant called the Intuitive Response Test. This method also uses reaction speed to measure associations, but has been simplified so that larger numbers of associations (tens) can be measured in a single test.

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