Neuromarketing Research: the Ultimate magazine Shelf

Core question

How can the shelf experience of magazines be improved?

How does the consumer makes a decision in front of the magazine shelf? What opportunities are there to make the shelf experience more user-friendly and attractive?

To answer these questions, Unravel Research conducted two studies. First, we mapped out the customer's viewing patterns by using remote Eye Tracking glasses in a bookstore and supermarket. It gave insights to make the magazine shelf more catchy, calmer and more attractive.

To test the effectiveness of these optimization ideas, we returned to our comfortable lab (which is build in a livingroom setting) in the second study. We tested a large number of shelf variations using EEG, in order to collect brain activity. This allowed us to determine which shelf design, signage and promotional messages are most effective.

What makes the customer reach for that one magazine?

As the market leader in distribution and trade marketing of magazines, comic books, novels and puzzles, Aldipress is constantly looking for new insights into the customer's choice process.

First of all, they were specifically interested in the shelf layout.

  • What are the consumer’s viewing patterns on the shelf and which shelf layouts receive a lot or little attention?
  • Which magazines, for example, are seen first and in which direction are magazine categories best placed?
  • Are the shelves easily processed in the brain or can optimization still take place here?
  • Aldipress is also interested in the differences in shelf experience between men and women.

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"With this knowledge we can optimize our shelf vision, plans and promotions"

Linda - Category Development Manager - Aldipress

Influence of signing and promotional material

Signing and promos. They are the icing on the cake of many shelves. But which signing designs give the desired twist to the customer's attention and shelf experience? The interest was mainly focused on the visibility of the signage above and below the shelves and whether it could be further optimized.

Last but not least: does the promotional material encourage you to buy? Aldipress currently uses four types of promotional material: floor stickers, wobblers, banners and shelf strips. Do they grab our attention? And which promotional texts activate the brain the most?

Insights on Shelf Furnishing

We found insights about the viewing direction, the search process and the decision-making process of the consumer. This showed that women and men differ subtly in their viewing patterns and the process of searching for a magazine.

The data provides Aldipress guidance in which direction to place the magazine categories in order to grab attention in the midst of an increasingly busy retail environment. In addition, we have mapped out guidelines on:

  • Placement of the bottom row of magazines: upright or lying?
  • Theme blocks
  • Mechanisms to create more rest on the shelf

Insights on Signing

To what extent does signing help the customer search process? Does it stimulate their brain to make a purchase more quickly? Based on brain data, we have mapped the unique added value of the following separate signing elements:

  • Signing or not
  • Color
  • Iconography
  • Text

Insights on Promotional Materials

There are 1000 ways for a copywriter to frame an offer. What makes the brain happy? 

We have tested various texts and promotional media. The data clearly shows which promotional material is viewed the most, which message resonates best with the consumer and how the promotional material can be presented as attractively as possible.

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