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Would You Like to be Certain about the Effectivity of your Marketing Campaign?

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Then use EEG

Have you ever wondered if your marketing campaign would lead to the desired increase in sales and more positive brand attitudes?

Wondering about this is natural, if you look at the amount of surveys that are being held to measure the effectivity of an advertisement. However, many of these research methods cannot provide you with certainty about the advertisement’s effects. Why? Because we, people, are pretty bad at predicting our own (buying) behavior after watching an advertisement.

Which method is the best at predicting buying behavior, and gives you the most certainty? In this blog, we’ll put the most common methods to the rack. This way, you’ll know exactly which tools you should use to be even more certain of the effectivity of your media budget.

Why surveys are unreliable

When asking people what they think of an advertisement, or of your product or service after watching this advertisement, they will undoubtedly express their opinions. Unfortunately, these opinions rarely correlate with actual future behavior.

This cannot be explained by the fact that participants might not want to give you their honest opinions. No – they are simply unaware of their true attitudes.

Contrary to earlier beliefs, most of our choices are made unconsciously, on autopilot. To discover whether your advertisement would be able to motivate consumers to visit the store, understanding these choice processes is crucial.

Would you like to be certain in the effect of your marketing campaign?

Yes, you can! Using EEG, it Is possible to take a peek in the true choice center of your customer: The unconscious brain. Using this data, EEG can map the effectivity of your campaign. Additionally, EEG can visualize per second what elements of your campaign do and don’t work. This will provide you with the propoer tools to increase your campaign’s effectivity, granting you both more certainty and more revenue.

What are the predictive values of different research methods?

Extensive research, executed by Nielson, confirmed this. In their research, they investigated how well different research methods are able to predict buying behavior. The traditional survey, facial coding, and EEG were all put to the test. For months, researchers tracked the participants’ expenses during the scope of the investigation. Curious to know what they found?

The survey was found to only predict 20% of buying behavior. Facial coding? Even worse: Less than 10%. However, EEG was found to be able to predict 60% of buying behavior!

Does this mean we should abandon facial coding and surveys? No. Combining different metrics can increase the predictive value up to 80%.

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A growing number of brands chooses EEG

It should not come as a surprise that an increasing number of brands take the leap to neuromarketing. Time after time, it is proven that EEG is the way to go when you’re looking for certainty.

Would you like to be certain about the effect of your marketing campaign? Or would you like to know more about how neuromarketing research is conducted? Swing by at one of our demo days.

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EEG Neuromarketing Reclame Commercial