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Nutricia Olvarit

YouTube Video Testing

Core question

Do the Olvarit promo videos appeal to young mothers?

Nutricia faced a tough challenge: while many people associate bottled baby food with artificial additives, their Olvarit product is 100% natural. In order to inform the consumer, Nutricia has set up a YouTube channel with fun and informative videos on infant nutrition. Goal: educating the customer about the natural origin and method of preparation of Olvarit products.

But what does the target market truly feel while watching these videos? What captures their attention? And which parts are better left on the cutting room floor? In order to answer these questions, Unravel Neuromarketing Research conducted a ground-breaking study where they studied brain activity of a group of recent mothers that watched the YouTube content.

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“A beautiful study, with practical advice on how to make our videos and campaigns even better. It also allowed us to get our hands on a couple of ‘golden rules’ on what we absolute should and shouldn’t do in future videos.”
Jelle Rhebergen - Insight Manager Food & Cereals BLX
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What we looked at

In this neuromarketing video test, we set out to answer two fundamental questions. First, we wanted to know how well the Olvarit videos performed in comparison to a benchmark of other video content. We looked at three fundamental EEG metrics: workload (working memory activation), engagement and desire. Subsequently, we took a more qualitative approach with a content analysis. For each video, we pinpointed the best and least performing scenes with regards to attention and desire.

Neuro Performance

The brain reacted favorably to the video content. The videos were processed more thoroughly in memory and triggered substantially more desire than average videos. The latter is predictive of future purchase decisions. Interestingly, the videos did not activate more attention than other content.

Neuro Based Video Improvements

Overall, the videos do a good job of pleasing the brain. But by extending our analysis with a qualitative scene-by-scene breakdown, we’re able to improve the videos even further.

On a second-by-second basis, we found exactly which scenes performed well, and which ones didn’t. The recurring findings allowed us to further improve future production guidelines on matters such as:
  • Optimizing the first 5 seconds to capture instant attention
  • Consistent triggers of positive emotion (hint: baby close-ups is one of them)
  • Consistent triggers of aversive responses that should be avoided
  • Optimizing the leader
  • Optimizing the closing brand shot
  • Better integrating the brand within the video

    These content-based recommendations were especially valuable and uncovered many eye-opening insights. Nutricia will apply this knowledge during the production of their future videos.

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