Neuromarketing Speakers


Neuromarketing Speakers

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Neuromarketing is a hot topic. As it should be, because the collusion of neuroscience and marketing started a revolution in the advertising world. A revolution that’s still going on.

Neuromarketing as a topic is extremely fascinating. It’s not for nothing that it is included as a topic in the programs of events for marketing, retail, sales, CRO, usability, and advertising. Neuromarketing is about people – which fascinates all of us.


For example, did you know that…

  • You can predict the charts using brain scans?
  • Dollar signs bring about the same reaction in the brain as real, physical pain?
  • Neuro-research helps you to take the perfect Tinder profile picture?
  • A small, unexpected detail in an advertisement – like a jumping frog for half a second – can make or break your ad? (See the Frog Effect)
  • People continuously yet subconsciously rationalize their own behavior?
  • Disgust triggers the brain to take action, to a degree that people carrying dirty dollar bills shop significantly more than people with clean bills?
  • Audio and visuals are connected on such a deep level in the brain that, when hearing bass music, we unknowingly spend more attention on darker objects than when hearing high pitched tones?
  • Using brain activity, we’re able to predict which movies will be box-office hits by just showing the trailers?
  • Smell has an interesting influence on behavior. A nice scent in the casino can increase the average time spent in front of the high rollers with 45%!

Looking for a Neuromarketing speaker?

Are you searching a speaker who can inspire your audience with the astounding working of the human brain? Without the boring scientific stuff, but with interesting and memorable examples – directly applicable to the advertising world? Unravel Research has experienced speakers in the neuromarketing field.

Tim Zuidgeest and Tom van Bommel are sought-after neuromarketing speakers and experts and have spoken at numerous events and media. As founders of Studio ST&T and Unravel Research, they apply marketing, psychology, and neurosciences on a daily basis.

So, do you need a neuromarketing speaker for your event? Send an email to or call +31-30-2271837 to discuss the possibilities.

Photo by Ramon van Jaarsveld, taken at MPI CONCEPT 2017.