How often should I measure brand assets?

How often should I measure brand assets?

Door Tim Zuidgeest
Persuasion Artist

Depending on your research objective, you can measure brand asset strength once or multiple times.

One-time brand asset measurement

  • You want to change brand identity and want to learn which assets should stay the same
  • You are about to introduce new assets and want to test which ones will be most beneficial to your brand (i.e., have least competitive interference)
  • You want to gain deeper insight on which assets are capable of effectively replacing the logo in creative ways, without hurting brand recognition
  • Brand awareness doesn’t meet your expectations and you want to uncover the underlying weaknesses

Recurring brand asset monitoring

  • You want to objectively measure campaign effects on brand asset strength
  • You want to monitor your brand’s current standing within a competitive market in order to detect opportunities and pitfalls early on

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