Which metrics are measured in brand asset research? Are they validated?

Which metrics are measured in brand asset research? Are they validated?

Door Tim Zuidgeest
Persuasion Artist

Brand asset research measures each asset’s respective score on Fame and Uniqueness.

Fame is the proportion of people who link your brand to the asset.

Uniqueness is the proportion of responses your brand gets relative to competitors.

Together, Fame and Uniqueness provide strategic guidance on how to move forward with each asset. It points to which course of action will enable the asset to achieve its highest potential for the brand: use it as is, invest in its exposure, make the asset more distinctive or discard it.

The importance of mental availability has been empirically established by Byron Sharp and described in his book How Brands Grow (Sharp, 2016). Mental availability increases the likelihood of the consumer noticing, recognizing and thinking of your brand in a buying situation. Your brand assets’ Fame and Uniqueness are the building blocks of mental availability.

Development of the methodology:

Romaniuk, J., & Nenycz-Thiel, M. (2014). Measuring the Strength Of Color Brand-Name Links: The Comparative Efficacy Of Measurement Approaches. Journal of Advertising Research, 54(3), 313-319.

The importance of mental availability:

Sharp, B. (2016). How brands grow. Oxford University Press.

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