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Your store in the
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How seductive is your store, shelf or product packaging? Which elements grab attention? Is the lay out brain friendly? And which steps build up to the ultimate purchase decision?

Retail research by Unravel Research employs neuromarketing methodologies to create retail environments that make your customers happy.

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Retail Success in the Brain

Brain activity uncovers the customer's true experience in terms of shopping ease, pleasure and relevance. By combining brain data with Eye Tracking, we're able to identify the stengths and weaknesses of individual store elements.

Retail neuromarketing research can be used to improve the effectiveness of all three retail levels:

  • store
  • shelve
  • packaging

Typical Retail Neuromarketing Projects

First of all, a peek into the brain reveals many insights within your existing retail environment. It highlights improvements as well as weaknesses regarding your store, shelve or packaging.

In addition to exploratory research, neuromarketing is well suited for comparative research. Which shelve variation is most purchase friendly? How does background music affect store experience? Which packaging alternative is most eye catching? These are just a few example questions that can be addressed perfectly bij combining Eye Tracking and EEG.


The basic tools in retail neuromarketing research always include Eye Tracking and EEG. This allows us to pinpoint with millisecond precision which emotional and motivational states the customer experiences.

In the realm of packaging research, an IAT offers great additional value. An IAT helps you understand exactly what design elements make your packaging stand out most from competitors. You'll learn what can be redesigned without impairing your brand – and what not.

What Does Retail Neuromarketing Research Have in Store for You?

Insights from retail neuromarketing research allow you to make your packaging or store more effective and appealing. For instance, by uncovering current strengths and weaknesses. Or by helping you identify which variation will trigger most purchase activity.

In addition, our advanced software is able to aggregate individual 3D gaze data to a clear 2D heatmap. In a single glance, you gain insight into the visual hotspots of a store shelve or packaging.
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