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ST&T Research continues its services internationally as Unravel

ST&T Research continues its services internationally as Unravel

ST&T Research, STT Research – or even SST Research, as some people consolidated the name of our research agency.

After eight years and the opening of our new office in the USA, it’s the perfect moment to change our name. Neuromarketing research agency ST&T Research will continue as Unravel.From ST&T to Unravel

Starting April 2019, we’ll conduct our neuromarketing research as Unravel. A name that reflects our core business: Unraveling the genuine answers to marketing questions. By measuring brain activity. Using Eye Tracking and brain activity, we predict and increase the effectivity of advertisements, shops, and websites.

Apart from the change in name to Unravel, our procedures and method stay exactly the same. The new name, however, does prelude our step across the pond.

ST&T Research opens in New York as Unravel

Under the name Unravel, ST&T Research will bring its neuromarketing research services to New York. A nice step in the growth of our organization and, as such, the perfect moment for a new name.

After all, the name ST&T is quite neutral in The Netherlands. In the USA, it resembles the country’s biggest telecom provider a little too much… ;)

ST&T Research gets a new logo with Unravel

A new name deserves a new logo. The original ST&T Research brand logo makes place for a fresh, new take.

The new brand logo resembles what we occupy ourselves with on a daily basis: Brain data.

Unravel rgb 02

Fun fact: the design of this logo is not based on our gut feeling what a logo should look like. Nope, we did in a way we know best: Using neuromarketing research with EEG and Eye Tracking, we measured the brain’s response to different logos. This way, we assessed what elements of a logo had an effect on participants and which did not. As an extra, we’ve also used an online survey to learn more about the appreciation of logos.

Much to our delight, both the survey and the brain appointed the same winner. To our delight indeed, as the conscious consumer and the subconscious brain do not always agree on everything.

Origin STT Research?

We love that we are able to pursue our passion for neuromarketing research as Unravel.

There’s one thing we’ll miss, though: When people asked us what STT in STT Research meant.

The question in itself is more exciting than its answer. There just the initials of the three original founders, who came together at the seventh floor of the Faculty of Social Sciences of Leiden University. The place where they laid the foundation for an amazing company, combing psychology and marketing. Sacha, Tim, and Tom.

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